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Graves – Partial Truth

New video off of the local Seattle artist’s album “The Cost of Living” that drops September 19. The release party is at the Showbox SODO that same day.


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Kicked It Down!

Rumors of a Volume Two? Still Shittin on Niggas? Bring it.

Clips of Volume One.

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Back to [My] Basics

I had a little free time so I thought that I would pay homage to some of the more influential songs in my life. There is no particular order or particular time period to this list. This is definitely not the final draft of this list. Just a quick look back on what songs that have influenced my life somehow. Check the playlist.

the list goes “Song”;”Artist”;”Album”

1.    Back To Basic’s Hip Hop’s Alar    Blu    LIFTED- The C.O.R.E. MixTape
2.    Big Poppa    The Notorious B.I.G    Big Poppa [CD-SINGLE]
3.    Put It On    Big L    Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
4.    Nuthin’ To Do    Common    Resurrection
5.    The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)    Black Sheep    A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
6.    Missing Teeth    Brother Ali/Slug    Shadows on the Sun
7.    How Many Mics    The Fugees    The Score
8.    Honey Dips    Boogie Monsters    Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album
9.    The Blast    Talib Kweli    Reflection Eternal
10.    Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)    Digable Planets    Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space)
11.    Just To Get By    Talib Kweli    Quality
12.    Seed (2.0)    The Roots    Phrenology
13.    Close Edge    Mos Def    The New Danger
14.    One Beer    MF Doom    MM Food
15.    Lovin’ It (co-starring Joe Scudda)    Little Brother    The Minstrel Show
16.    Critical    Zion I    Mind Over Matter
17.    Award Tour    A Tribe Called Quest    Midnight Marauders
18.    Reality Check    Binary Star    Masters of the Universe
19.    Mass Appeal    Gang Starr    Hard To Earn
20.    Rhinestone Cowboy    Madvillain    Madvillainy
21.    Body Rock    Mos Def    Lyricist Lounge, Vol.1
22.    Ignorant Shit    Lupe Fiasco    Lupe the Jedi
23.    Grindin’    Clipse    Lord Willin’
24.    Hip-Hop    Dead Prez    Let’s Get Free
25.    Renee    Lost Boyz    Legal Drug Money
26.    Come And Go    Stereo Type    Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth
27.    Runnin’    The Pharcyde    Labcabincalifornia
28.    Rock Star    N*E*R*D    In Search Of…
29.    Represent    Nas    Illmatic
30.    What They Do    The Roots    Illadelph Halflife
31.    Travellin’ Man    DJ Honda featuring Mos Def    H II
32.    Kick, Push – Lupe Fiasco    Lupe Fiasco    Food & Liquor
33.    Breakout    N*E*R*D    Fly Or Die
34.    Woman Tonight    Felt (Murs and Slug)    Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet
35.    Gimme Your’s    AZ/NAS    Doe or Die
36.    Ice Cream    Wu Tang Clan    Disciples of the 36 Chambers
37.    Back To The Lab Again    Prince Paul    Dexter’s Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment
38.    Never Fallin’    Living Legends    Classic
39.    Sagaba    Blue Scholars    Blue Scholars
40.    Thieves in the Night    Black Star    Black Star
41.    Ms. Fat Booty    Mos Def    Black On Both Sides
42.    Interlude    Jay-Z    The Black Album
43.    Passing Me By    The Pharcyde    Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde
44.    No Greater Love    Blu & Exile    Below the Heavens
45.    Get A Hold    A Tribe Called Quest    Beats, Rhymes And Life
46.    Rosa Parks    OutKast    Aquemini
47.    Just Friends    Musiq Soulchild    Aijuswanaseing
48.    Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2 1/2 Minute Workout)    Blackalicious    A2G
49.    So Sincere    AZ    A.W.O.L.
50.    Jedi Mind Tricks    Lupe Fiasco    Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge Of The Nerds


Here is a link to download this playlist.

Here: Back to [My] Basics

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Girl Talk – “Feed the Animals”

Call me late on this one but I just found out about this DJ. Girl Talk is the stage name of musician Gregg Gillis. I gave his work a listen and I kept bumping it. He is known for using mash ups of unauthorized samples from songs; The New York Times Magazine even called his music “a lawsuit waiting to happen.” Check him out.

Here: Girl Talk – “Feed the Animals”

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Upcoming Releases

These are just some albums that you should be looking out for in the near future. This list is right off of my head so it may not be complete.

Johnson&Johnson – [Self Titled]

The Foreign Exchange – Leave it all Behind

Murs – Murs for President

The Standard [Common & Q-Tip]- ?


I heard that Blackstar may be back in the lab, so I can’t wait to see if that rumor is true.

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Common feat. Pharrell – Announcement

This song is one of the 1st singles off of Common’s new coming album “Invincible Summer” which some have titled he revisit to his album “Electric Circus.” I can’t wait for this album to drop.

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Blu – “Lifted – The C.O.R.E. Mixtape”

For those that have yet to find out. This mixtape is kind of old. From BLU whom resides down in Cali. This guy is a mean lyricist and comes with it hard. If you have yet to check his album “Below the Heavens” you should check that out also, but here is that mixtape link.

Here: Blu – Lifted – The C.O.R.E. Mixtape.

and if you haven’t yet…

Here: Blu – Below the Heavens

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