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Count Bass D – “Robbed without a Pistol”

Count Bass D brings you this free internet project “Robbed without a Pistol.” A 16 track, 30 minute long instrumental disc, which in my opinion is really smooth. Check it out. And if you are not familiar with Count Bass D you must check out his album “Dwight Spitz” that I believe dropped back in 2002.

1.    95 Chop
2.    No More Arguing
3.    Sunshine
4.    Get Busy (Instrumental)
5.    You’re Better Than All The Rest
6.    Fly Thyme
7.    Hurry
8.    Welcome To The Spot
9.    Gerald And Sean
10.    I’m Still Paranoid
11.    Down To Get It
12.    Believe Me
13.    All Shook Up
14.    J.P. Organ
15.    I’ll Always Stay
16.    I Don’t Need This

Here: Count Bass D – “Robbed Without a Pistol”

And be sure to check out his soon to be released album on 1320 Records, L7 (Mid-Life Crisis), that is scheduled to drop in October.

1.    Make It Flow Featuring Ache
2.    Gio Any (I Cold Just Came In)
3.    Back Pay (Parts 1 & 2)
4.    Can We Hang Out Tonight
5.    Neon Soul
6.    I Need Your Love
7.    I Love You
8.    You Got It
9.    Personal Things
10.    What I Do
11.    Y.B.A. Square
12.    (Don’t) Run Out On Me


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