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A Thanksgiving Prayer – Saul Williams

“Do not bow your head. Do not close your eyes.

Let us look deeply within one another.

TODAY, I give thanks for the light that exists within each one of you.

TODAY, I acknowledge that your quest for light beyond shadow, your desire to defeat your own cynicism, your work at believing the impossible possible, your faith in change and the ability of humankind to transcend past transgressions and overcome the shortsightedness of ignorance and fear, and our collective effort at stretching the boundaries of reality, has enabled us to achieve the dream that is TODAY.

TODAY, I acknowledge that even my own success is a simple spoke in the wheel of our collective success, and that our collective success is in response to all of the individual effort that we have put forward in our individual lives, in private moments, in private struggles against our lesser selves.

Some of us worked on being more honest.
Some of us worked on being more kind.
Some of us worked on not hiding our emotions.
Some of us worked on becoming less angry.
Some of us worked on becoming better listeners.
Some of us worked on facing our fears.
Some of us worked on remembering to say thank you.
Some of us worked on trusting our loved ones.
Some of us worked on having more faith.
Some of us worked on detoxifying our environment.
Some of us worked on detoxifying our minds.
Some of us worked on monitoring our diets.
Some of us worked on strengthening our discipline.
Some of us worked on broadening our skills.
Some of us worked on learning new languages.
Some of us worked on becoming better parents.
Some of us worked on becoming better friends.
Some of us worked on remembering our dreams.
Some of us worked on forgiving the past.
Some of us worked on strengthening our bodies.
Some of us worked on sharing and giving back.
Some of us worked on taking on greater responsibility.
Some of us worked on our art.

As a result of all of the work that has been done quietly in our individual lives, we have collectively contributed to the blossoming understanding and simplest expression of what God is. God is our good, and even the good we do for our self counts. Each fully blossomed flower on the hillside of our destiny adds to the broadened spectrum of our being. And together, we create more than beauty, more than fate; we evolve the depth and scope of the All-Seeing.

We may never see it reported through the media, but there is more good happening in this world than evil. There are more children smiling in this moment than any single one of us could fathom… and someone just fell in love, and someone just helped a stranger, and someone just scored a goal, and someone got their hearing back, and someone’s joking with their co-worker, and someone’s sitting in the kitchen, while the rest of the household sleeps, writing a poem.

Today, I give thanks for all of the good that has gone unrewarded, for every kind word, action, or deed. Today, I gave thanks for the God that is within each and every one of you, that is us, when we claim who we are.”


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John Forté – “Poly Sci”

Were you recently pardoned by the 43rd President of the United States of America?

One of my favorite albums.

1.    Hot (Intro)
2.    They Got Me
3.    Ninety Nine (Flash The Message)
4.    God is Love God Is War
5.    We Got This
6.    P.B.E. (Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent)
7.    The Right One/Father To Son Interlude
8.    Madina Passage
9.    All You Gotta Do
10.    All F#cked Up
11.    Poly Sci
12.    Born To Win/Riddle of Steel Interlude
13.    Flash The Message
14.    Hot (Outro)

Here: John Forté – “Poly Sci”

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Jake One – The Truth

Just in case you missed it.

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CYNE – “Pretty Dark Things”

Last year a friend of mine tipped me off to CYNE (pronounced “sign”; stands for “Cultivating Your New Experience”) and I listened to a few of their tracks of of their myspace. They where good, but I never really clicked back over to their site for a while. But then I caught wind that they had released an album, and being me, I had to give it a listen. Pretty Dark Things is a really good album. When I listened to this album I wondered why I had ever almost passed this group up. Check It.

1.    Just Say No
2.    The Runaway
3.    Calor
4.    Escape
5.    Money Parade
6.    Pretty Black Future
7.    Elephant Rome
8.    The Dance
9.    Opera
10.    Prototypes
11.    Fuzzy Logic
12.    Never Forget Pluto
13.    Pianos On Fire
14.    Radiant Cool Boy
15.    Excite Me
16.    Scattered

Here: CYNE – “Pretty Dark Things”

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Count Bass D – “Dwight Spitz”

I looked up and down for this album and I have finally found it. Dwight Spitz is renowned for being a classic album, and I am not disappointed. Count Bass D has been on rotation with me for a while, and getting a chance to listen to one of his earlier releases just added to the reason why I listen to his music. I also found what I believe to be his first major release, “Pre-Life Crisis,” that was dropped in 1995. Haven’t listened to that one yet, but it may be up on the page later. Check it.

1.    Jussa Playa
2.    Aural S(ECT)s
3.    Gon’ Get Yours
4.    Antemeridian
5.    Postmeridian
6.    How We Met
7.    Just Say No
8.    Sanctuary
9.    Subwoofer (Dumile)
10.    Truth To Light
11.    Real Music Vs. Bu11$#!+
12.    August 25, 2001
13.    Hello Test Test
14.    Blackman Dreams
15.    Reign Or Shine
16.    Quite Buttery
17.    Blues For Percy Carey
18.    Seven Years
19.    Ohio Playas
20.    Dwight Spitz
21.    No Time For Fakin’ (Part 2)
22.    My First Piece
23.    Take Control
24.    Coming Soon

Here: Count Bass D – Dwight Spitz

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New Consequence Video

Whats up with all these new video’s off of Consequences album “Don’t Quit Your Day Job?” Didn’t that album drop a few years back?

and this newish video

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Introducing: Mayer Hawthorne & The County

From Stones Throw:

“Mayer Hawthorne is Stones Throw’s newest artist. His debut track “Just
Ain’t Gonna Work Out” (aka “I’m Sorry”) premiered on Giles Peterson’s
Best of 2008 (BBC Radio 1) a few weeks back. Mark Ronson picked it up
for his show, saying “I have no idea what this is, old or new, but it’s
fucking good!”

We held off on saying anything about Mayer Hawthorne while we
waited for these heart-shaped 45s to roll in. We’ve got them now: “Just
Ain’t Gonna Work Out” b/w “When I Said Goodbye” – limited 1000 copies.

Mayer Hawthorne is from Detroit and now lives in Los Angeles. He wrote,
played, recorded and sang on these tracks. As for the rest of “what it
is,” check out Mayer Hawthorne’s bio written by Ronnie Reese at the
link below.

Mayer Hawthorne bio:

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LupE.N.D. will be a Triple CD

At his latest show in his home town of Chicago Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known as Lupe Fiasco, announced that his last album, LupE.N.D.,  will acutally be triple disc album. The last three letters [E.N.D.] standing for the name of each separate disc; E = Everywhere, N = Nowhere, and D = Down Here. It is rumored that this album will have a track listing of about 50 songs total. Check the video below for the recording.

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Remember to Vote November 4th!

Quas for Dictator

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Barack Roll

I just thought that this was really funny.

And don’t worry more music is coming. School is just a bi*ch

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