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Count Bass D – “Dwight Spitz”

I looked up and down for this album and I have finally found it. Dwight Spitz is renowned for being a classic album, and I am not disappointed. Count Bass D has been on rotation with me for a while, and getting a chance to listen to one of his earlier releases just added to the reason why I listen to his music. I also found what I believe to be his first major release, “Pre-Life Crisis,” that was dropped in 1995. Haven’t listened to that one yet, but it may be up on the page later. Check it.

1.    Jussa Playa
2.    Aural S(ECT)s
3.    Gon’ Get Yours
4.    Antemeridian
5.    Postmeridian
6.    How We Met
7.    Just Say No
8.    Sanctuary
9.    Subwoofer (Dumile)
10.    Truth To Light
11.    Real Music Vs. Bu11$#!+
12.    August 25, 2001
13.    Hello Test Test
14.    Blackman Dreams
15.    Reign Or Shine
16.    Quite Buttery
17.    Blues For Percy Carey
18.    Seven Years
19.    Ohio Playas
20.    Dwight Spitz
21.    No Time For Fakin’ (Part 2)
22.    My First Piece
23.    Take Control
24.    Coming Soon

Here: Count Bass D – Dwight Spitz


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