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Freeway – “Month of Madness”

If you weren’t aware of Freeways latest project you should have been. Freeway chose to end 2008 with a “Month of Madness,” a new song every day of the last month of 2008.  31 tracks plus a bonus, so thats 32 tracks of fire. Not many complaints about freeway on my part since his last album, Free At Last, that dropped late 2007. Check this project out.

1.    Month Of Madness
2.    Everlast
3.    Count On Free
4.    Look Around
5.    Gonna Get Mines
6.    I’m Great
7.    MindState Takeover
8.    Blauh
9.    Together
10.    Tell You Something
11.    Movin’ Out
12.    Straight Madness
13.    I Can Deal With It
14.    Really Rough Out Here
15.    Street Music
16.    Start Wildin’
17.    Doing Anthing
18.    Get It Started
19.    Rap Spitters
20.    Diesel
21.    Long Money
22.    Do It To Death
23.    There You Go
24.    For The Better (feat. Neesh)
25.    As I Ever Been (feat. Hezekiah)
26.    When I Die (feat. James Blunt)
27.    I Wanna Be Free
28.    NP Finest
29.    Bank Rollz
30.    Back For More
31.    Don’t Tell Me It’s Over
32.    So Cold (feat. Klass) (Bonus)

Here: Freeway – “Month of Madness”


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