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A Thanksgiving Prayer – Saul Williams

“Do not bow your head. Do not close your eyes.

Let us look deeply within one another.

TODAY, I give thanks for the light that exists within each one of you.

TODAY, I acknowledge that your quest for light beyond shadow, your desire to defeat your own cynicism, your work at believing the impossible possible, your faith in change and the ability of humankind to transcend past transgressions and overcome the shortsightedness of ignorance and fear, and our collective effort at stretching the boundaries of reality, has enabled us to achieve the dream that is TODAY.

TODAY, I acknowledge that even my own success is a simple spoke in the wheel of our collective success, and that our collective success is in response to all of the individual effort that we have put forward in our individual lives, in private moments, in private struggles against our lesser selves.

Some of us worked on being more honest.
Some of us worked on being more kind.
Some of us worked on not hiding our emotions.
Some of us worked on becoming less angry.
Some of us worked on becoming better listeners.
Some of us worked on facing our fears.
Some of us worked on remembering to say thank you.
Some of us worked on trusting our loved ones.
Some of us worked on having more faith.
Some of us worked on detoxifying our environment.
Some of us worked on detoxifying our minds.
Some of us worked on monitoring our diets.
Some of us worked on strengthening our discipline.
Some of us worked on broadening our skills.
Some of us worked on learning new languages.
Some of us worked on becoming better parents.
Some of us worked on becoming better friends.
Some of us worked on remembering our dreams.
Some of us worked on forgiving the past.
Some of us worked on strengthening our bodies.
Some of us worked on sharing and giving back.
Some of us worked on taking on greater responsibility.
Some of us worked on our art.

As a result of all of the work that has been done quietly in our individual lives, we have collectively contributed to the blossoming understanding and simplest expression of what God is. God is our good, and even the good we do for our self counts. Each fully blossomed flower on the hillside of our destiny adds to the broadened spectrum of our being. And together, we create more than beauty, more than fate; we evolve the depth and scope of the All-Seeing.

We may never see it reported through the media, but there is more good happening in this world than evil. There are more children smiling in this moment than any single one of us could fathom… and someone just fell in love, and someone just helped a stranger, and someone just scored a goal, and someone got their hearing back, and someone’s joking with their co-worker, and someone’s sitting in the kitchen, while the rest of the household sleeps, writing a poem.

Today, I give thanks for all of the good that has gone unrewarded, for every kind word, action, or deed. Today, I gave thanks for the God that is within each and every one of you, that is us, when we claim who we are.”


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LupE.N.D. will be a Triple CD

At his latest show in his home town of Chicago Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known as Lupe Fiasco, announced that his last album, LupE.N.D.,  will acutally be triple disc album. The last three letters [E.N.D.] standing for the name of each separate disc; E = Everywhere, N = Nowhere, and D = Down Here. It is rumored that this album will have a track listing of about 50 songs total. Check the video below for the recording.

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Remember to Vote November 4th!

Quas for Dictator

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Bambu – Exact Change

I can’t stress the point enough on how much you would be missing out on if you choose to overlook this album. Trust me, this is one album, no, this is one artist that you shouldn’t ever overlook. From his first LP “Self Untitled”, His and rapper Kiwi’s work together as “Native Guns,” and to his last LP “I Scream Bars for the Children.”

1.    Make Change
2.    Spare Change
3.    Swing Ft Zion-I
4.    No Fuss
5.    Crooks and Rooks
6.    Like Us
7.    Quit
8.    Seven Months
9.    Out The Gate
10.    Party Boy
11.    Misused
12.    Fighting Cocks
13.    Life Line
14.    Exact Change
15.    Iron Bam

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From the Desk of Breez Evahflowin

“The Troublemakers team consisting of Breez Evahflowin and Dirt E. Dutch have gone back to lab to back the next rightful president of the United States Barack Obama.
The song asks the question – if not OBama then what? The song can be downloaded for free here:
Troublemakers for OBAMA
Trouble Makers for Obama.mp3

Spread the song and more importantly spread the question itself and if you know and Mccain supporters I encourage you to engage in dialogue that gets to the root of their support. Hopefully it’ll reveal more than a soft spot for veterans and all american girl types. This song comes on the heels of one of the greatest smoke and mirrors campaigns ever launched.
This one is serious people, if you’re over 18 and you haven’t registered to vote yet go to Declare Yourself and get involved.”

– Breez Evahflowin

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Blu and Sene are A Day Late & A Dollar Short…

A colabo between

and this guy

equals this

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Jake One

I’m sure you already know about this, but if you dont…

Seattle super producer and self proclaimed “great beat writer” Jake
One steps from behind the boards to present his own debut full-length
album, White Van Music. Polishing his production chops over the last
decade, Jake One has crafted the musical soundscapes for everyone
from De La Soul (“Rock Co.Kane Flow” feat. MF DOOM) to 50 Cent (“All Of
Me” feat. Mary J. Blige). With an impressive and diverse discography
Jake One has managed to bring his sound from the underground to the
Billboard Top 10 charts.

Check this song: The Truth feat. Freeway & Brother Ali

01. I’m Coming feat. Black Milk & Nottz
02. Gangsta Boy feat. M.O.P.
03. The Truth feat. Freeway & Brother Ali
04. Turn It Down
05. God Like feat. D. Black
06. Bless The Child feat. Little Brother
07. Oh Really feat. Posdnuos & Slug
08. Hi
09. Trap Door feat. MF DOOM
10. Dead Wrong feat. Young Buck
11. Kissin’ The Curb feat. Bishop Lamont & Busta Rhymes
12. How We Ride feat. Freeway
13. White Van feat. Alchemist, Evidence & Prodigy
14. Big Homie Style feat. J. Pinder, GMK & Spaceman
15. Scared feat. Blueprint
16. Great Sound
17. Get ‘Er Done feat. MF DOOM
18. Feelin’ My Shit feat. Casual
19. Soil Raps feat. Keak Da Sneak
20. Glow feat. eLZhi & Royce Da 5’9″
21. R.I.P.
22. Home feat. Vitamin D, C Note, Maine & Ish

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The Foreign Exchange – “Leave it all Behind”

The release keeps getting closer and closer…

-Streetdate: OCTOBER 7 2008
-Specially priced double disc digipak incl. the album on disc one and the full instrumental version of the album on disc two. The instrumentals are exclusive to the CD release!
-Streetdate: OCTOBER 10 (EUROPE), OCTOBER 14 (US) 2008
-Limited to 1000 individually numbered pieces with gatefold artwork
-Includes two bonus remixes not available anywhere else
-Streetdate: TBA

01. Daykeeper
02. Take Off The Blues
03. All Or Nothing/Coming Home To You
04. I Wanna Know
05. House Of Cards
06. Sweeter Than You
07. Valediction
08. If She Breaks Your Heart
09. If This Is Love
10. Something To Behold
11. Leave It All Behind

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Def vs. DOOM

I have been looking for this CD for a while now. I just can’t find it online anywhere. I doubt that you can find a physical copy of it. But, I do have an Imeem playlist of it. Its a good mash up of two very good artists. Thought I would share it.

Click This.

Def vs. DOOM

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Back to [My] Basics

I had a little free time so I thought that I would pay homage to some of the more influential songs in my life. There is no particular order or particular time period to this list. This is definitely not the final draft of this list. Just a quick look back on what songs that have influenced my life somehow. Check the playlist.

the list goes “Song”;”Artist”;”Album”

1.    Back To Basic’s Hip Hop’s Alar    Blu    LIFTED- The C.O.R.E. MixTape
2.    Big Poppa    The Notorious B.I.G    Big Poppa [CD-SINGLE]
3.    Put It On    Big L    Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
4.    Nuthin’ To Do    Common    Resurrection
5.    The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)    Black Sheep    A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
6.    Missing Teeth    Brother Ali/Slug    Shadows on the Sun
7.    How Many Mics    The Fugees    The Score
8.    Honey Dips    Boogie Monsters    Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album
9.    The Blast    Talib Kweli    Reflection Eternal
10.    Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)    Digable Planets    Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space)
11.    Just To Get By    Talib Kweli    Quality
12.    Seed (2.0)    The Roots    Phrenology
13.    Close Edge    Mos Def    The New Danger
14.    One Beer    MF Doom    MM Food
15.    Lovin’ It (co-starring Joe Scudda)    Little Brother    The Minstrel Show
16.    Critical    Zion I    Mind Over Matter
17.    Award Tour    A Tribe Called Quest    Midnight Marauders
18.    Reality Check    Binary Star    Masters of the Universe
19.    Mass Appeal    Gang Starr    Hard To Earn
20.    Rhinestone Cowboy    Madvillain    Madvillainy
21.    Body Rock    Mos Def    Lyricist Lounge, Vol.1
22.    Ignorant Shit    Lupe Fiasco    Lupe the Jedi
23.    Grindin’    Clipse    Lord Willin’
24.    Hip-Hop    Dead Prez    Let’s Get Free
25.    Renee    Lost Boyz    Legal Drug Money
26.    Come And Go    Stereo Type    Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth
27.    Runnin’    The Pharcyde    Labcabincalifornia
28.    Rock Star    N*E*R*D    In Search Of…
29.    Represent    Nas    Illmatic
30.    What They Do    The Roots    Illadelph Halflife
31.    Travellin’ Man    DJ Honda featuring Mos Def    H II
32.    Kick, Push – Lupe Fiasco    Lupe Fiasco    Food & Liquor
33.    Breakout    N*E*R*D    Fly Or Die
34.    Woman Tonight    Felt (Murs and Slug)    Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet
35.    Gimme Your’s    AZ/NAS    Doe or Die
36.    Ice Cream    Wu Tang Clan    Disciples of the 36 Chambers
37.    Back To The Lab Again    Prince Paul    Dexter’s Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment
38.    Never Fallin’    Living Legends    Classic
39.    Sagaba    Blue Scholars    Blue Scholars
40.    Thieves in the Night    Black Star    Black Star
41.    Ms. Fat Booty    Mos Def    Black On Both Sides
42.    Interlude    Jay-Z    The Black Album
43.    Passing Me By    The Pharcyde    Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde
44.    No Greater Love    Blu & Exile    Below the Heavens
45.    Get A Hold    A Tribe Called Quest    Beats, Rhymes And Life
46.    Rosa Parks    OutKast    Aquemini
47.    Just Friends    Musiq Soulchild    Aijuswanaseing
48.    Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2 1/2 Minute Workout)    Blackalicious    A2G
49.    So Sincere    AZ    A.W.O.L.
50.    Jedi Mind Tricks    Lupe Fiasco    Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge Of The Nerds


Here is a link to download this playlist.

Here: Back to [My] Basics

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