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Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers

Ok, I am one of those people that just really did not like Kaye West’s “*808s and Heartbreak” album up  to a point where I just couldn’t stand it. All that said… I still believe that Kanye West is one of the most creative and most talented artists out today. After watching parts of Kanye’s feature on Vh1’s “storytellers” I finally fully understood Kanye’s reason for “808s.” Kanye is an artist. He expresses himself through his music. Joy and Pain, and “808s and Heatbreak” was his pain. His honest emotion. Honesty that is rarely seen in music anymore. Seeing him preform his songs Live…. made me  see.  I loved it.

For a more complete list of the songs preformed on the show see the 2DopeBoyz post. Here: 2DopeBoyz – Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers


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