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Bomb Threat – Classic Portland, Oregon Rap Tape.

1. Phenomenal by Bleek
2. Fusion (Set It Off)
3. Sabotage by Lifesavas ft. Da Brown Hornet
4. Playin’ Your Game by Shakespere
5. Who I Be
6. Face Da Music by B-Thot (Dialog & NyQwil)
7. That’s Why by Snafu & Tuk
8. The Incident
9. Bomb Threat

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Ok… Just might happen.

This page might just come back to life. I got maaad music to share if y’all want it.

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(MF) DOOM – “Born Like This”

I just got this. I’ve been waiting to long for new material from MF DOOM. Haven’t listened to the album in its entirety yet. Thoughts will come later. Also sorry for the lack of posts. School is time consuming.

  1. Supervillain (Intro)
  2. Gazzillion Ear
  3. Ballskin
  4. Yessir! feat Raekwon
  5. Absolutely
  6. Rap Ambush
  7. Lightworks
  8. Batty Boyz
  9. Angelz feat Tony Starks
  10. Cellz
  11. Still Dope feat Empress Sharhh
  12. Microwave Mayo
  13. More Rhymin’ feat Kurious
  14. That’s That
  15. Supervillainz
  16. Bumpy’s Message
  17. Thank Yah

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Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers

Ok, I am one of those people that just really did not like Kaye West’s “*808s and Heartbreak” album up  to a point where I just couldn’t stand it. All that said… I still believe that Kanye West is one of the most creative and most talented artists out today. After watching parts of Kanye’s feature on Vh1’s “storytellers” I finally fully understood Kanye’s reason for “808s.” Kanye is an artist. He expresses himself through his music. Joy and Pain, and “808s and Heatbreak” was his pain. His honest emotion. Honesty that is rarely seen in music anymore. Seeing him preform his songs Live…. made me  see.  I loved it.

For a more complete list of the songs preformed on the show see the 2DopeBoyz post. Here: 2DopeBoyz – Kanye West on Vh1 Storytellers

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Team Ice Cream Vol. 1

Ok…. to understand a big part of why I am the way I am you NEED to watch this video. The Ice Cream Skate Team Volume 1 video. Enjoy.

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B.o.B – Generation Lost

New Video from B.o.B

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Death – “Politicians in My Eyes”

“In 1975, Death, the trio of Hackney brothers from Detroit, recorded an album. Predating Bad Brains by about half a decade, Death were an all black punk group shredding up north. In the band’s lifespan they were able to release one 45, for “Politicians in My Eyes,” before breaking up and essentially being lost to history until a family member found the tapes in an attic and Drag City decided to release the album, …For the Whole World to See. The album is out February 17th and this is the first single. “

The Fader

Play This —> Death – \”Politicians in My Eyes\”

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Albert Hammond Jr. – “¿Como Te Llama?”

During my math class a few days ago a friend let me listen to her iPod and the song “GfC” by Albert Hammond Jr. came up. Before that I had never heard of Albert Hammond Jr. but I really liked the song “GfC.”  My friend and I conversed about Hammond Jr. and she told me a little about him so I decided to check him out.  Apparently he was in “The Strokes,” which honestly I don’t listen to, but have never really heard anything bad about. I got a hold of his “¿Cómo Te Llama?” album that dropped mid 2008. And to much excitement I enjoyed it. It’s smooth. It’s Chill. It in itself is out of my “norm,” but with or without that, it’s still good music.

1.    Bargain Of A Century
2.    In My Room
3.    Lisa
4.    GfC
5.    The Boss Americana
6.    Rocket
7.    Victory At Monterey
8.    You Won’t Be Fooled By This
9.    Spooky Couch
10.    Borrowed Time
11.    G Up
12.    Miss Myrtle
13.    Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Seller

Here: Albert Hammond Jr. – “¿Como Te Llama?”

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The Thermals – Pillar of Salt [video]

I know nothing about this band except for that I like this song. If you know anything about The Thermals please post a comment for me. I need to know more.

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I just heard about this cat a few days ago [named pronounced as 8th One spelled as 8thW1] and went to check out dudes web page. I found a myspace, as usual, and listened to a track with the most interesting title. “Song of Random Thoughts,” I usually like songs like these becuase it shows that the artist may just be just that, an artist, and do music for more then just money. This song was mind blowing. The beat is smooth [produced by Quiryoga], the verses are tight, the sample fits, and the first words on the track are “The new shit is that if I don’t feel it, I don’t fuck with it.” I can feel with that, honestly. So check this dude out.

Check out the song here: 8thW1 – \”Song of Random Thoughts\”

His personal website: Love Money & Music

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